During these difficult times of the Covid Pandemic that we find ourselves in, therapists, especially Reiki Practitioners, have been hit hard by the restrictions.  Although they are slightly lifted I feel it is not enough of a relaxing experience to turn up for a treatment with the therapist and yourself in PPE.  I am therefore not re-starting my one-to-one sessions at the present time. 


However, as Reiki Practitioners we are attuned to distance healing  which allows us to send Reiki across time and space. With the sacred mantra and symbol, Reiki practitioners can send healing to people, places, and events from the past, present and future. 

Remote sessions can be as powerful and effective as one-to one sessions.


A session would begin with discussion on your physical mental emotional and spiritual goals. We will discuss any current blocks and what you hope to gain from your Reiki experience. This can be done over the phone or via email.  Fiona will arrange with you a specific time for your Reiki healing so you know to be ready for it and make sure you are in a relaxed safe space.  

During the session you may feel warmth, coolness, relaxation, or nothing at all - Reiki affects everyone differently.  After your session you may feel tired and you will need extra rest and plenty of hydration to rid your body of the toxins.  Fiona will discuss with you anything that arose from the Reiki session and discuss ways in which you can continue to balance your Chakras with crystal, mediation and lifestyle changes.  Fiona can also send an audio Chakra mediation for your personal use.

Distance Energy Healing costs £20 for an initial consulation and £30 for a full session.

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