How much does a session cost?

A Reiki session costs £40 and lasts approximately 1 hour - please allow longer for your initial treatment which will include a consultation.  Book and pay for 5 sessions in advance and receive your 6th treatment free of charge.  

How many sessions do I need?

It is often recommended to complete a course of 5 treatments for any complementary therapy. However, it really is up to the individual and how you feel after your treatment.  Some are happy with one - some feel they would prefer a series of treatments to help keep themselves in balance.   

How do I book?

Contact me via email to check availability 

Hours of Business

I offer sessions Tuesday-Thursday 10 a.m. til 3 p.m.

Saturday Mornings - 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Is there a Cancellation Fee?

A £10 charge will be made for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

What happens during a Reiki Treatment?

There is no physical pressure applied during a Reiki treatment, making Reiki ideal for those who have undergone any type of operation, during pregnancy, for the elderly or anyone in pain.  At the time of your Reiki session, you will be asked to lie on a treatment bed if possible, although Reiki treatments can be given in a chair if this is more suitable for you. Gentle music is playing and essential oils are burned.  Shoes are normally removed but no other clothing is removed during a session.  This is not like a massage.   I will place my hands gently and non intrusively over certain positions on the body, staying longer over problem areas.  I also work with crystals to help balance your chakras following the Reiki.

What is Chakra Cleansing?

Chakras are energy points throughout the body used in Holistic Therapy treatment for thousands of years.  I work with crystals and pendulums, together with Reiki, to help clear any blocked chakras.  There is no added cost for this treatment - it is done as part of your complete Reiki session. 

What will I experience during the session?

Many people ask what they will experience during a Reiki treatment - this can vary from one visit to another, depending on your needs at the  time.  Some people feel warmth, tingling or just complete relaxation and a sense of calm and peace. Many people find that they can totally “switch off” during a Reiki treatment and even fall asleep. Reiki is an excellent therapy for helping to resolve unhealed emotional issues and coping with periods of stress and anxiety and can be combined with any other Complementary Therapy Treatment. 

How long does a session last?

There is a consultation at the beginning and end of the session and the hands on Reiki time is approximately 45 minutes.

What happens following the session?

Once the Reiki session has finished, I will allow you time to bring your awareness back into your body in your own time, have a drink of water and then we will discuss the Reiki and any issues that may have arisen.  Following a Reiki treatment, most people feel relaxed and refreshed and more at peace with themselves. It is possible that you will feel an emotional release and therefore may be quite tearful or even full of energy.  It is advised to continue to drink water following a session to help clear the toxins the Reiki will have released.

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